Hi, my name is Maciek and I am passionate about history. I love discovering new places and learning their story.

I have been living in Brisbane, Australia for over 8 years now and I originally come from Poland. Wherever I go I find myself curious about stories behind buildings and places I see.

To learn more about Australian history and culture, during Uni, I was volunteering in local RSL Club. It was a great experience not only because I was helping this organisation but also I had an opportunity to chat with ex-servicemen and listen to stories about their lives and how life looked like in the past.

Currently, I am volunteering at the Polish Archives-Museum in Queensland where I am helping with archiving and digitalizing documents and memorabilia of over 100 years history of the Polish community in Queensland.

I am also a member of Annerley-Stephens History Group where we are promoting the history of the area of former Stephens Shire (incorporated in Greater Brisbane in 1925). The group organises heritage walks and talks for the local community.

At Everywhere History, I am sharing fascinating stories hidden behind buildings and places we are passing by every day.

On this blog, I’m sharing interesting information I have learnt about places we see every day, not only those well known historical icons but also ordinary places hiding fascinating stories.  You will read here some interesting facts about buildings and areas I see when I walk or cycle around Brisbane or when I go travelling in Queensland. History is around us; wherever we go we can find something fascinating there. It can be the history of the building you’re passing by every day or there might have been an event in a past that shaped the story of the local community or city.

I’d love to hear what you think about my blog. Please send me a message.

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  • Roscoe794

    You may have mentioned it and I missed, but do you know about Walter Taylor discovering gold when constructing the Indooroopilly bridge towers? He took out a mining lease to avoid claim-jumpers holding up the bridge. There`s a great pic possibly at JOL that shows a ship bearing the middle span of the bridge into position. Regards Ross Cameron