Welcome to the 4th week of Movember. You can check my previous posts here, here and here. This week I learnt, among other things, who was the grand old man of local government in Queensland, and father of the Brisbane City Council.

Image: “Alderman Abram Robertson Byram”, Brisbane City Council, Identifier BCC-B120-33432, via BCC Library

Abram Robertson Byram was born about 1825 in England. Abram and his family immigrated to Sydney, New South Wales on the Parsee arriving in 1853. He was an alderman of the Brisbane Municipal Council from 1877 to 1888 and was mayor in 1883. Abram died at his residence on Boundary St, Spring Hill in 1893 aged 67 years.

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Image: “Parliamentarian John McMaster, Brisbane, ca. 1895”, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland, Negative number: 147973 via Trove

John McMaster was born in 1830 in Argyllshire, Scotland. He immigrated to Queensland on the ship “William Miles” arriving 1854. McMaster was a freehold farmer at Melton Hill near Nundah. John McMaster was an alderman of the Brisbane Council for many years 1872–1874, 1876–1899 and 1905–1921. He was also a mayor multiple times 1884, 1890, 1893, 1897, and 1918-1919. In 1924 he was remembered as “the grand old man of local government In Queensland, and until recently father of the Brisbane City Council”

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Image: “Alderman Benjamin Harris Babbidge”, Brisbane City Council, Identifier BCC-B120-33430, via BCC Library

Benjamin Harris Babbidge (1836-1905), iron manufacturer, was born in 1836 at Newport, Isle of Wight, England. He arrived in Brisbane in 1857 and worked as a blacksmith for Andrew Petrie, foreman of government works. A warm-hearted and charitable man of great energy, Babbidge identified himself with many aspects of Brisbane life. In 1878 he was elected alderman for the North ward of the Brisbane Council and was elected mayor in February 1885.

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Image: “James Hipwood”, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland, Negative number: 90321 via Trove

James Hipwood was born in Sydney in 1842. With wife Mary Ann and three children James Hipwood arrived in Brisbane in 1870. He was a brassfounder and coppersmith, when arrived in Brisbane he joined Joseph William Sutton in the firm Hipwood & Sutton in Eagle Street. He was one of the founders of Queensland Trustees Limited and the South Brisbane Milling Company. He was also involved in the formation of the Queensland Mutual Insurance Company and the Queensland Deposit Bank. He was a director of the Queensland Brewery Company. James Hipwood was an alderman of the Brisbane Municipal Council from 1884 to 1897 and mayor in 1886 and 1887. He died in Brisbane on 22 January 1926.

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Image: “Alderman Richard Southall”, Brisbane City Council, Identifier BCC-B120-33436, via BCC Library

Richard Southall was born in 1831 in Marylebone, London. He and his wife immigrated to Queensland in 1869. After moving to Brisbane in 1869, he tried farming on the Logan River for three years, but eventually decided that building work in Brisbane would be more profitable and entered into a partnership, Southall & Tracey, to resume work as a contractor; the partnership continued until 1877. Richard Southall built many important Queensland buildings, including the Queensland National Bank building in Queen Street, Brisbane. Richard Southall was an alderman of the Brisbane Municipal Council from 1885 to 1888. He was mayor in 1888. Richard Southall died at his residence “Ellesmere”, Merivale Street, South Brisbane in 1909.

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Image: “Alderman William McNaughton Galloway”, Brisbane City Council, Identifier BCC-B120-33437, via BCC Library

William Galloway was born in Perth, Scotland in 1840. He married Anne Hunter in Sydney in 1885 before moving to Aberleigh, Kelvin Grove where they lived until settling into his newly completed hotel. William Galloway commenced building the Breakfast Creek Hotel in 1889. His initials appear on the front façade. It opened its doors in May 1890 and was an immediate success. Galloway remained with the hotel until his death in 1895 when fell from a window on the second floor of the Breakfast Creek Hotel. Galloway was an alderman of the Brisbane Municipal Council from 1884 to 1891 and a mayor in 1889.

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Image: “Alderman John Allworth Clark”, Brisbane City Council, Identifier BCC-B120-33368, via BCC Library

John Allworth Clark was born in 1846 in Adelaide, South Australia. After completing his education, he moved to Sydney where he married Elizabeth Ann Jane Mullarky in 1871. About 1882 they moved to Brisbane and then many years later back to Sydney. Clark was a wool importer and merchant tailor who had one of his business premises on the corner where Clark Lane, Adelaide and Queen Streets converged. Together with his father and brother, he owned menswear shops in Brisbane, Toowoomba and Sydney. John Allworth Clark was an alderman representing the North Ward of the Brisbane Municipal Council from 1889 to 1898 and he was mayor in 1891.

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