Last month I took part in Movember for the 5th time. Besides growing a mo, I also shared photos of Mayors of Brisbane Town – daily on Instagram and weekly summaries here on the blog. Did you like the series?

Below is a list of all Mayors covered in this series.

John Petrie (1859-1862)
Thomas Blacket Stephens (1862)
George Edmondstone (1863)
Joshua Jeays (1864)
Albert John Hockings (1865, 1867)
Richard Symes Warry (1866)
John Hardgrave (1868-1869)
William Pettigrew (1870)
Francis Murray (1871)
Edward Joseph Baines (1872)
James Swan (1873-1875)
Richard Ash Kingsford (1876)
Alfred Hubbard (1877-1878)
John Daniel Heal (1879)
John Sinclair (1880-1881)
Robert Porter (1882)
Abram Robertson Byram (1883)
John McMaster (1884, 1890, 1893, 1897, 1918-1919)
Benjamin Harris Babbidge (1885)
James Hipwood (1886-1887)
Richard Southall (1888)
William McNaughton Galloway (1889)
John Allworth Clark (1891)
George Watson (1892)
Robert Fraser (1894-1895)
Robert Woods Thurlow (1896)
William Thorne (1898)
William Andrew Seal (1899)
James Nicol Robinson (1900)
Thomas Proe (1901, 1905)
Leslie Gordon Corrie (1902-1903)

Written by Maciek

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